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Air-Operated Oil Pump – Double-Acting – 3:1 – For 275 gal Tote – Free Flow Rate 7.9 gpm



Product Description

These pumps are recommended for the use of transferring low to medium viscosity oil (SAE 15/130), and anti-freeze, for short through medium distances (130 - 160 ft). The delivery capacity of a pump varies according to applications and combinations, the pressure of air supplied, viscosity and temperature of the fluid, dimensions of delivery hose, dimensions of connections and the type of gun which is used. The operating pressure may vary between a minimum of 37 PSI and a maximum of 116 PSI. The double-acting air operated oil pump ensures the delivery of a continuous and constant flow, suitable for installations on distribution facilities.

We recommend using filtered and lubricated air to optimize the efficiency and the life of our air operated pumps.

Additional Specifications

         Suitable For

Additional Information



Pump Ratio


Air Working Pressure (Range)

37 PSI to 116 PSI

Air consumption (87 PSI)

5.7 CFM

Air Inlet

1/4” NPT(f)

Fluid Outlet

1/2” NPT(m)

Free Flow Rate (87 PSI)

7.9 GPM

Noise (dB)

80 dB



Shank Diameter


Shank length


For Drums (Drum Size)

275 Gal Tote


19 lbs

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