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Air Operated Oil Suction Unit – Manual Emptying System – 6.3 gal Capacity – with 10 Std. Probes

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Product Description

The air-operated oil suction drainers are ideal for a rapid motor oil change. The procedure happens by aspiration through the probes. Pressurization allows for regular work mechanism without the necessity of continuous flow of compressed air, an independent and quick aspiration, using the suitable probe between the included kit of 10 probes. The units can suck up to 2/3 of the tank capacity. The pre-chamber allows the immediate control of quantity and quality of the aspirated oil, it is equipped with a device for the internal cleaning. Oil temperature must be within 140° - 170°F (when the engine is just switched off).

Do not use it with brake oils, fuels, inflammable and corrosive liquids.

Typical Applications 

  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Heavy- duty Dealerships
  • Fast Lube Centers
  • Farm/ Agriculture
  • Service Shops
  • Fleet Service Facilities

Additional Information



Tank Capacity

6.3 GAL

Max. Suction Capacity

4.2 GAL


250029 – 10 Standard Probes

Maximum Pressure

116 psi

Emptying System


Hose Emptying Length

(Without Hose)


28 Lbs

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